workible_logo_print no backgroundIn 2010, my now Co-Founder but then friend and co-worker, Alli Baker, and I were travelling to a consulting job together.  Alli had recently migrated from the US and was looking to find work to fit around a couple of part time jobs she had.  At the time, I was also looking to find a bit of extra work – but it had to be able to fit around the work I had plus my son’s school schedule.

In the car, we started chatting about how we had both spent time that week on a mainstream job website trying to find work that fit into the time we had when one of us said “you’d think that if a dating site could match love interests, a job site should be able to match availability”.  That one phrase was the genesis of the idea that is now Workible.

Workible’s predecessor was a site called HireMeUp – a job website that allowed jobseekers to find jobs that matched the days and times that they were available.  To our knowledge, it had the world’s first availability matching search engine.  We thought it was awesome.

One pitching competition win and the prize – a plane ride to the Mecca of Tech, Silicon Valley – later and we realised that, if we were serious about building a world-class and game changing business in the highly competitive recruitment and HR sector, we had to really up the ante.

Workible is the result of that – and of nearly twelve months of thinking, planning, researching and building a first of its kind mobile recruitment platform to find work that fits.

Four years on from that first conversation, and as we roll through 2015, we’re proud to say that Workible is not only disrupting the old way but is setting a new standard for recruitment technology.

From our world-first ability to build company specific real-time engaged talent pools, to being the only platform where jobseekers get suggestions, recommendations and feedback on EVERY job application, everything we do is aimed at providing our clients – both jobseekers and employers – with the simplest but best recruitment tools to get them the outcomes they need and create partnerships so that our clients, partners and we all win, and we couldn’t be prouder of our baby.

Workible is a work-in-progress – and always will be.  Our goal is to have the best recruitment technology in the world – bar none.

It’s a simple concept – help people find what fits for them in terms of work or workers – and one that we strive to improve day by day.  From the humble beginnings of Alli and I in our home office (aka the spare room at my place) we have grown the business and the team to 11 and operate from an office in the Sydney CBD – Workible’s HQ is think-tank central for a bunch of awesome people who are passionate about reinventing recruitment and getting people into the jobs they want.

Find out more about Workible here.


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