I love sharing business idea, tips, strategies and my journey with others – like others have paid it forward to me, I want to be able to do the same.

I’m proud and honoured to have spoken to groups both large and small from small business groups to franchise groups, business and industry associations, government and large corporates – both in Australia and overseas.

My aim is to make a difference – to say at least one thing that will get someone to think differently, and more importantly, to take action to create a change in the status quo whether that’s in your own business, life, with others or within your organisation.

I’m a people person so I love to speak from the heart, with humour and realism and I share the good, bad and the ugly because I think that people identify with real people – not just what is often a re-invented success story.

With Workible being my primary focus, in the last few years, I’ve done a lot of work in the area of recruitment, human resources and employee engagement – something that was a passion of mine from when I ran a national franchise organisation.  Getting the best from people is all about allowing them to flourish – something I’m passionate about.

My speaking topics include:

Start-ups, entrepreneurship and roller coaster rides

Unlocking entrepreneurial thinking in your employees

Business collaborations – finding, signing and profiting from strategic alliances

Work life balance – fact or fiction?

Building Talent Communities

Innovation that Won’t Break the Bank

Commercializing Great Ideas

Testimonials – 

I met Fiona this this morning at our Business Development Forum Breakfast, Fiona was presenting and quite literally blew me away. – Nicola Read-Jones, Hunter Business Chamber, “Innovation that Won’t Break the Bank”, May, 2015.

One of the best sessions I’ve been to at GA. Fiona was authentic and engaging. The use of her personal experience at Workible was particularly helpful. –  Chris Nottle, PWC, General Assembly “The Art of Business Development and Building Partnerships”,  January 2015.

I tuned in into Anthill’s “Strategic Alliance” webinar reluctantly knowing full well that most free webinars end up being shameless self-promotion. I was (very happily) proven 100% incorrect. Fiona Anson provided a great presentation that was easy to understand and even easier to implement. Straight off the back of the seminar I used the techniques to set up two meetings with potential strategic partners that are far larger than my own company. I did some research online and found the best person to contact in the organizations and made a “soft approach” promoting synergies between us and them. At the time of writing I have not had the meetings but intend to make it all about them (i.e. what are THEIR goals and how can we help each other to achieve it). Fingers crossed it works. – Josh Golombick, White Collar Quotes

Just wanted to publicly thank Fiona Anson for speaking at the July conference, and her amazing insights at Round Table in October. I’ve had a project simmering away in the background for the last year, and found out at the end of October I wasn’t going to be able to pull it off myself due to supplier contraints. Long story short… I had a chance meeting with someone Sunday and took my opportunity to invite him for a coffee. The magic question “what can we do for you?” had me blown away with his answer (not what I expected at all). An exciting hour over coffee, a 3 hour strategic meeting and voila. Contract was signed last night and new project is GO!” – Samantha Riley, StressFree Startups and The Accelerant Group

Some of my upcoming and previous presentations include:-

RSCA – September, 2015 – Hamilton Island, Queensland – How Recruiters Can Embrace Disruptive Technologies

Australasian Talent Conference – July, 2015 –  Auckland, NZ – 5 Easy Ways to Start Your Talent Community

National Retail Association National POD Summit – June, 2015 – Melbourne – The Rise of Social Recruitment

Hunter Business Chamber Business Breakfast – May, 2015 – Newcastle – Innovation That Won’t Break the Bank

CeBIT – May, 2015 – Sydney – The Art of Building Effective Alliances and Partnerships

General Assembly – Monthly – Sydney – Boom Your Business 

Accenture’s International Women’s Day Event – Sydney – March, 2015 – Listen, Learn, Lead in a Startup

Startnest – February, 2015 – Commercializing Great Ideas – Turning Ideas Into Businesses

General Assembly – Sydney – January, 2015 – The Art of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships

Australian Talent Conference – Sydney & Melbourne, November, 2014 – Social Recruitment

AHRI (Australian Human Resources Institute) – November, 2014 – Social Recruitment

Australian Computer Society – October, 2014 Sydney – Managing Work/Life Balance in a Startup

Akolade – July, 2014 – Sydney – Employee Engagement

CeBIT – May, 2014 – Sydney – Commercializing Great Ideas

SheBusiness – Various – How to Find, Sign and Profit from Strategic Alliances

Commonwealth Bank’s Women in Focus Annual Conference – August, 2013 – Life in a Startup

Business Blueprint – Sydney – How to Find, Sign and Profile from Strategic Alliances


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