You’d think that one business is enough – but, apparently, you can’t stop an entrepreneur from thinking.

Screen Shot 2015-01-03 at 2.11.05 pmGotSpace, like Workible, came about from need.  At a time when collaborative consumption was a hot topic, and the sharing economy was well and truly coming of age, Gotspace filled what we saw as a void in the market.

There seemed to be a whole lot of sites that were springing up for spare somethings – whether it was spare cars, spare tools or spare time.  But what about spare space?

We happened to be looking for spare office space at the time and found it hard to find a resource to find what space was available so it occurred to us that a site to find space would be a good idea.

Newly hatched in late 2014, GotSpace allows people to find or rent out spare spaces of any kinds – offices, desks, rooms, garages, store rooms, sheds, boardrooms, function rooms – and more.

Our tagline is “we put people into space”.  We think it’s kinda cute!

Check it out here.


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