Why it’s imperative that entrepreneurs take thinking time

There’s only one word for my To Do list – aaarrrgghh!!  Each day, more seems to go on it than go off it.  So when I checked my diary last week and realised that I was “out” for 3 days at a conference, my immediate thought was “can I really afford the time?”

After spending three days at an industry-based thought leadership event, my thought now is “can I afford not to?”

As an entrepreneur, there’s a never-ending list of things to do and without a limitless budget for people to do it for you, all too often we find ourselves at the coalface doing all the little stuff – as well as the big stuff, so taking time out seems an absolute luxury.

But it’s not.  It’s an absolute must.

Over the last 3 days, I’ve had time to THINK.  And that’s part – a big part – of my job.

I’ve been able to get another look at the ecosystem that we operate in, hear industry thought-leaders talk about where things are heading and look at what else, and more importantly, who else is doing what in it.

This gives me the time to think about what we’re developing, features we need and how we’re going to stay ahead of the pack by continuing to innovate and come up with best practice solutions for our clients.

It’s also given me time to brainstorm with Alli (my Co-Founder), who is having a similar experience to me, so that we can share ideas, thoughts and “where to from here” strategies on how to continue on the path to achieving what we want to.

So here’s the kicker….

It’s so important that we do this – as it is for any entrepreneur.  It’s not a luxury to take time to think, to go to events, to mix with industry colleagues, it’s a necessity.