Losing your mojo – an entrepreneur’s nightmare

lost-mojoIt’s a new year! Woo hoo! Lots of new year’s resolutions – things like this one’s the big one, now it’s all going to change – you get the picture.

Except that you wake up on day one and you’ve lost your mojo. You look at the dog, the cat or the wall and you wonder why you have no enthusiasm, no energy or you just can seem to get your you-know-what together.

It’s one thing to lose your mojo in a job, but, as an entrepreneur, it’s a killer.  In a job, you’ve got other people around you to help you, direct you, motivate you – or yell at you – but, as an entrepreneur you often have to be your own cheer squad and personal enthusiasm trainer so, when it gets lost, what do you do?

This year, at Christmas, I had a moment where I experienced that very thing. Things had been frantic for the month prior with opportunities everywhere and lots of great things happening (the top of the roller-coaster). Having been at the bottom of the roller-coaster 6 months prior, it was a very happy place for us. We spent the last week before Christmas planning for all the great stuff that was happening in January and afterwards. I was pumped.

Then Christmas hit. The first week was great. Silly Santa season, presents, relaxing and then new year’s day came around and I decided that it was back to work for me to prepare for the exciting onslaught ahead. So I sat at my computer and ….. nothing.

After umpteen cups of tea, talking to the dogs, moving out in the sun with my laptop (then back inside again) nothing I did seemed to make a difference – I just couldn’t seem to get started.

I struggled for about 3 days, forcing myself to get on with it – except that “it” was proving a bit elusive.

Day 4 meant back to the office. After a few hours of holiday banter and catch-ups, we sat down to plan and, wham!, there it was, back again.

So here’s the kicker…

I’ve come to the conclusion that, for me anyway, I need to be around other people. I get inspired sharing the journey, love the collaboration and adore the bouncing around of ideas. Which made me think – what happens for those who have to do this ride solo?

For those of us who have a partner in crime (aka Co-Founder, partner, et al), it’s a lot easier. There’s someone there to bounce things off, get inspiration from (or a good talking to) or even go out and share some liquid stamina with.

But for entrepreneurs who are operate on their own, lost mojo is a real problem.

On more than one occasion, I’ve had solo entrepreneur friends of mine say how much they envy me for both having a Co-Founder and the relationship I’m lucky to have with her.

So what are my tips for those going it alone?

1. Find a mentor, friend or confidante. Someone who can share the journey with you. And reach out for help when you need it. Better yet, schedule a time to meet regularly (say each week) to keep on track. And yes, if you have to, pay them!

2. Shake it up. Pick a new challenge (entrepreneurs love these) and throw yourself into it 100%.

3. Read. I can’t tell you how much this can help. I read something inspiring for at least 15 minutes every working day. It might be a business book, a motivational book or a website like growthhackers.com – or you can listen to podcasts or watch youtube if reading is not your thing. They’re sure to get the cogs turning. And do it every day.

4. Share your success. Posting something on social media usually invokes tons of responses from your friends (it’s one of the few things I like about Facebook) cheering you on.

5. Take a break. Spoil yourself. Have a doona day. Watch your favorite movies, head to the beach or catch up with friends. The next day, get up and watch some TED talks. It won’t take long to get back in the swing.


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